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Saltillo Tile

Saltillo Tile mud floor for interiors and exteriors, in different finishes, textures, sizes and colors. Ideal for flooring, however, it can also be used as a covering for walls, facades or flat areas (bars, tables, planters, fountains, benches, etc.). All parts can be manufactured in other sizes with additional cost.

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Type of pieces

Tipos de Piezas

We have two types of parts lines, regular and super. The first, the edges of the pieces are straight. The second, the edges of the pieces are oval edges, the latter has a pressed manufacturing process, which gives it greater strength and less porosity.



The texture of the piece depends on the manufacturing and how the customer wishes. The texture of the bottom (reverse) can also vary, as the material can also be installed in reverse to give another type of design.



Once selected the type of piece and the desired texture, the finish can be in Natural or Sealed type, where in the latter one can give different shades to the upper face of the material. The sealing allows greater durability, ideal for interiors.

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